Manchester United Keeps Solskjaer as Manager
2024-06-13 02:57:27

According to a report in The Telegraph, Manchester United players were taken aback when they learned on Tuesday evening that the club had decided to retain Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the manager.

Last week, the players had believed that Solskjaer would be leaving the club, and even after the season review at Manchester United, they still thought this was the most likely scenario.

Most of the Manchester United players are currently away on international duty with their respective national teams, so they were out of the loop and had no inside information.

A source mentioned, "The overall reaction from the players to this news was one of surprise, they really had no idea what was happening."

Prior to the decision to keep Solskjaer, Manchester United had talks with several potential managers, leading the players to believe that Solskjaer's days at the club were numbered.

It is said that most players are relieved that the uncertainty surrounding the position of the Manchester United manager has finally come to an end, and the club can now move forward with their summer plans.

There have been reports of communication issues between Solskjaer and the team, with some sources stating that he lacks motivational skills and empathy. However, others point out his excellent handling of the injury crisis and the victory over Manchester City in the FA Cup final.

Internally, there is a strong impression of Solskjaer's performance under the uncertainty about his future and his attitude during negotiations. Manchester United has faced criticism in the past week due to the extended evaluation process and its handling.However, there is confidence within the club that the decision to keep Solskjaer will be proven correct, and the process will soon be forgotten.Sources have refuted claims that Manchester United delayed the decision about Solskjaer's future waiting for a successor like England manager Gareth Southgate.With the decision for him to continue as the head coach, the club has begun negotiations with Solskjaer on a contract extension.